Street Team

The Leader of The Pack from South Gate California

Born in LA and raised in the City of South Gate, CA during difficult times, I always found myself listening to music just to get away from it all. My passion has always been Broadcasting and everything I did was for the love of music. Listening to Casey Kasem Americas top 40 hits and Rick Dees top 20 every weekend was the only highlight and excitement of my life. Then I discovered the cassette player and sat there for hours making my own cassettes trying to ensure I got those BPM just right.. Maybe someday I can become a DJ too..My dreams stopped as I had to take responsibility of my family and working hard I forgot all about my dreams, until now. One day I was approached by Arturo Paz aka DJ Naughty a childhood friend and CEO of LA Party Radio. He asked me if I was interested in becoming an LA Party Radio Chat Host and if I liked it to become a permanent part of the LA Party Radio Street Team. Eventually I joined LA Party Radio in March 2014 and all the excitement of the Club Scenes from 1985 thru 1987 came rushing back. This is where I belong and I should had never stopped. Soon enough I was promoting and supporting all Promoters, Sponsers, legendary DJs, chat hosting and making new friends along the way. This is my life, this is my energy and this is where I belong. Over the years, I watched LA Party Radio grow into what it has become today which is the number one internet radio station on the KLPR network. As staff members come and go, I was recently asked by DJ Naughty to assist upper management and take lead. After some thought, I accepted and became Lead Person of the LA Party Radio Street Team. It is with great pleasure and honor to take on this new role and responsibility. Together with guidance and direction, we will continue to support our number one internet radio station: Elsa Rico